On Oct 15,2012, my husband and I set out with some young friends of ours for an all-day ride. We had been riding and stopping, visiting for a couple hours, we got caught in the rain. We were in Holopaw. We all decided we wanted to eat, and headed to St. Cloud. As we got closer Richard was leading which he never did, so we switched places. We were headed west on 192, the road turned into six lanes. I heard a noise in front of us and I saw a car heading East cross over the median. The car hit my husband as he was trying to get over. His bike hit our friends bike, her car hit him so hard it broke the wheel off the car. She completely missed me, the road was closed for 13 hours. God was with me that day, and allowed me to tell my husband I loved him one last time. I forgave the 73-year-old lady, but I would be a liar if I said it didn’t still make me mad. They didn’t file charges because she didn’t set out to kill anyone, she had a black out. She had been having them, just not while driving so thought it was okay. The lesson I hope others learn PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NEVER drive or let someone drive if they are having problems, even if you or they think that it’s okay because it hasn’t happened while you were driving  

My Motivation: I can remember in the midst of all the trauma going on wondering where I was going to get money to pay a bill, or to eat. I didn’t know how long Richard was going to be in the hospital, not knowing that he wasn’t going to make it at the time. I never want anyone to have to worry about that on top of everything else. That is my reason for the Down Biker Fund.  ~ Robin 





Coverage area:   From N Seaway Dr. Fort Pierce all of Indian River County and Brevard County. We offer a one time blessing to those who have been involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident. Whether it be a hospital stay or a fatality, as long as it is a street legal bike. 

Contact:   President Robin Phillips 321-412-7647 

Vice President Jack Chambers 305-308-3197 

Kathy Ansbro(skittles)  Treasurer 772-360-2579 

Sheila West  Secretary 321-987-0383 

Robert DiBona Honorary Director